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Florida FFV Awareness Campaign

The FlexFuel Vehicle Club is a separate project under development designed to support the goals of the National FFV Awareness Campaign.  The Florida FFV Awareness projects (links below) were pilot programs that helped define and refine the mission of the Campaign.  The Campaign continues to:

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and the state government on a roadmap to reach FFV owners,
  • Support the opening of new E85 stations,
  • Develop materials to educate and engage FFV dealerships,
  • Generate public education and awareness to support future cellulosic ethanol projects, and
  • Work in partnership with the I-75 Green Corridor project that is building biofuel refueling infrastructure from Michigan to Florida.

Finding A Very Special Community of Like Minded People

Are you Driving a FFV? We Want To See It!

Are you Driving a FFV?
We Want To See It!

You can participate in the Florida FFV Awareness by joining us at the FFV Rally during the IndyCar Race week.

Florida FlexFuel Vehicle (FFV) Awareness Project Announced at Farm-to-Fuel Summit-Florida selected as Pilot Project to Mobilize Millions of FFV Owners

Florida FFV Awareness Campaign