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Maryland FFV Awareness Campaign

The National FFV Awareness Campaign is working in towns across America where there is a concentration of FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs) and FlexFuel pumps selling higher than 10% blends of ethanol, like E85. Examples: Des Moines/Cedar Rapids, IA – Chicago, IL – Miami, FL – Atlanta, GA – Memphis, TN – Detroit, MI – Raleigh, NC, and the DC/MD/VA metropolitan area. Find E85 in DC/MD/VA area.

With over 300,000 FFVs on the road and millions more coming, the FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign and Flexible Fuel Vehicle Club of America have been working  with representatives from Mid Atlantic Petroleum Properties, General Motors, Fitzgerald AutoMall, the Maryland Grain Producers Association (MGPA), Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board (MGPUB), the Department of Energy's Clean Cities Program, the Maryland Secretary of Agriculture, the Maryland Energy Administration, and MD Congressman Christopher Van Hollen’s office to celebrate the opening of  new E85 stations in Maryland (see Partner Press Release).

“We have started working with local organizations and local auto dealers to begin locating the FFV owners and letting them know why they are so important to the development of renewable fuels and alternative fuel vehicles” said Burl Haigwood, Director of Program Development for the Clean Fuels Foundation and project manager for the national FFV Awareness Campaign.

After all is said and the press is gone, the FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign will be there to carry on…. the driver education effort.  As part of the outreach effort the local stakeholders were contacted and dozens of local civic, trade, and related local business were invited to participate in the event or become part of the ongoing outreach program.

As part of the FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign FFV/E85 commercials were aired on WTOP radio and WMZQ radio during the  weeks following the grand opening.




Turn on and Tune in…FFV Awareness Campaign commercials.

FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness PSA

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VeraSun Offers E85 in Germantown, Maryland


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