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National Updates

National Updates

The nation is trying to improve economic, environmental and energy/national security for its citizens. The renewable fuel standard is the cornerstone policy that is trying to help achieving these goals. To meet the goals of the RFS FFV owners will need to use higher blends of ethanol in their FFVs. Similar to other national education campaigns to support health and driving safety,

On the National Level, the FFV Awareness Campaign will:

  • Work with the Federal Government to align their relevant agencies and program activities with achieving the requirements of the RFS and goals of the Presidential Biofuels Directive and Biofuels Interagency Working Group,

  • and Team with USDA, EPA, and DOE to communicate the economic, environmental, and national security benefits of the RFS and the important role FFVs can play in displacing petroleum. This effort would include endorsement of the campaign, placement of information on government websites, and providing information in newsletters.

  • Work with department of defense, federal government, and state fleets to encourage them to place FFV decals on their vehicles and support their efforts to secure ethanol supplies so they can comply with federal laws and Executive Orders requiring petroleum and greenhouse gas reductions.

  • Partner with national agriculture, ethanol, auto, and related industry organizations on cooperative public education efforts aimed at their members, employees, and the public.

  • The Campaign will create the opportunity to sustain our education efforts and mobilize new and previous FFV owners through their membership to the FlexFuel Vehicle Club of America (www.flexfuelvehicleclubofamerica.org) and other related organizations.


USDA Joins FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Effort

The Clean Fuels Foundation announced today that they are working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to expand public awareness on fueling options available to owners of flexible fuel vehicles (FFV). The FFV awareness effort is targeting several areas across the country to increase the use of ethanol blends in FlexFuel vehicles. "Breaking through the blend wall begins with the 8 million FlexFuel vehicles on the road today, and reaching these drivers to make sure they know they can use ethanol blends up to 85%,” said Agriculture Under Secretary for Rural Development Dallas Tonsager. Tonsager also noted FFVs of any age can use E15 or any other gasoline ethanol blend up to E85 and can take advantage of favorable market pricing on these blends when offered.

The US Environmental Protection Agency is also supporting the effort, and EPA spokesman Paul Argyropolous said "More frequent use of higher blends of ethanol in FlexFuel vehicles is one avenue that can further support meeting the volume requirements of the renewable fuel standard, which in turn results in additional greenhouse gas reductions. When fully implemented, the program will reduce GHG emissions equivalent to taking 27 million cars off the road," he said. “This awareness effort is another avenue which federal and private interests can work together to attain these goals.” More than 30 major companies and organizations have endorsed the campaign at the national and state level. For further information read the full press release.