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In the News

Reviewing the following headlines or reading the information attached in the link will help you understand how the news relates to FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs), FlexFuels/biofuels, the National Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), and your economic, environmental, energy, and national security.

 You may also read or hear information about ethanol that does not appear to be positive. The U.S. Department of Energy recently created a website to counter many of the myths consumers are hearing about ethanol.

Before you can appreciate the value of FFVs, FlexFuels, and the RFS you may want to have a better understanding of the magnitude of the problems associated the nation’s reliance on imported crude oil and benefits of FFVs, biofuels, and the RFS.

The News section will help you understand why industry and government leaders create public policies and laws (e.g., National Renewable Fuel Standard, Energy Policy Act) designed to move the United States towards producing and using more renewable and domestically produced transportation fuels.

The collection of articles and public information provided is divided into the following sections:

Why Should You Care About FFVs/E85 and Alternative Fuels?

Information about FFVs, ethanol, and the need for public policies that support them.

FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs) and FlexFuels

Information about the sale, use and consumer benefits from FFVs, FlexFuels, FlexFuel pumps, and public education efforts

Economic Security

The need for job creation and economic stimulation and impacts of oil imports.

Environmental Security

The national goal to improve personal air quality and reduce greenhouse gases.

Energy Security

The need to increase the production and use of domestic fuels.

National Security

The impact of the nation’s reliance on imported oil on the Department of Defense and diplomacy.

Technological Advancements

There are 1st generation biofuels (ethanol from corn) 2nd generation biofuels (advanced and cellulosic ethanol), and 3rd generation biofuels that act and look like gasoline. There are many technological breakthroughs on the horizon that will improve and increase biofuel production.

Why Should You Care About FFVs/E85 and Alternative Fuels?

The need for Renewable Fuels, Rising Gasoline Prices, and Energy Security: A video of a speech by the Chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Senator Jeff Bingaman.  Full text of speech : United States Senate

Sen. Lugar: Domestic Biofuel Production Needed as Gas Prices Rise : The Indianapolis Star

U.S. Department of Energy / IEA: Soaring oil prices could undermine economic recovery – Domestic Fuel News

FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs), FlexFuels, Flex Fuel Pumps

What Would You Do For $1,000 of Free E85 Fuel?: Clean Fuels Foundation, National FFV Awareness Campaign

E85 Sales More Than Double in North Dakota: Bloomberg

National FlexFuel Awareness Campaign Helps Spur Interest In FFVs and Ethanol in Texas: GrainNet,  Alamo Area Clean Cities Coalition

American Lung Assn. of the Upper Midwest and Enterprise Partner to Improve Air Quality Through E85 Rewards For Customers

BP Says Biofuels The Only Way to Significantly Reduce Carbon Emissions by 2030

$5 a Gallon Gas on Way, Ex-Big Oil Exec Says: CBS News

GM biofuels lead says pumps are the key to ethanol growth: Biofuels Digest

Driving "Back to the Future": Flex-Fuel Vehicle Awareness: U.S. Department of Energy

E.P.A. Eases Way for Alternative-Fuel Engine Conversions: New York Times

Fuel Prices Have Drivers Flocking To E-85 KCCI Des Moines

Elevated Gasoline Prices Boost Sales of E85 in Virginia Town: WDBJ-TV

Buick Regal Turbo gets turbo direct-injected engine with E85 capability

Study: RFS2's volume requirements could be filled by ethanol: Hoosier Ag Today

New Study - More Ethanol and FFV Commitment Needed to Meet RFS2

2nd Quarter E85 Ethanol Sales Show 40% Increase Over 2006 Sales

Iowa Ag Connection: Gas Buddy.com

POET, Cleveland Auto Show, National FFV Campaign partner for E85 giveaway cards: Biofuels Digest

34 Governors Seek Improvements in USDA's Corn-to-Ethanol Reports:

Bay Area Bio-Fuel Business May End Oil Dependency: (ABC: KGO-TV)

Department of Energy/EIA Says U.S. Ethanol Production Increased 23% in 2010: U.S. Department of Energy

National FFV Awareness Campaign Launches in Ohio: BiofuelsJournal 

Economic Security

Wall Street Shares Fall Sharply Amid Libyan Unrest: New York Times

Oil Touches $100 a Barrel, Raising Concern About Economic Recovery: USA Today

April crude hits $102.23 a barrel in New York trading: The Washington Post  Barrons.com/Focus on Funds blog, Oil & Gas Journal, The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones Newswires

Analysts Project Oil Prices Will Continue to Rise

Oil climbs (Los Angeles Times) to a 27-month high. Gas prices immediately follow, reaching a $3.00 average nationwide.

On Monday, the Kuwait Oil Council said prices will hit $110 per barrel “in the next few weeks.”

The former president of Shell Oil has called for $4.00 gas this year and $5.00 next.

Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens has said $90 oil will soon go to $120 with $4.00 gas to follow.

Oil Prices Surge 6% as Libya Protests Mount: Associated Press

Egyptian Unrest Drives Oil, Commodity Prices Higher: Huffington Post

$200-a-barrel oil is near, option traders bet: Bloomberg

USDA Secretary Vilsack: US Farms Producing Enough for Food & Biofuels

RFA Scrapbook: An American Success Story [Job Creation]

Ethanol's Economic Impact is Huge: Ethanol Producer Magazine

Soaring gas prices in South Dakota spur interest in E85: KSFY-TV (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

New plants by Highlands, Vercipia to help diversify Fla. agricultural industry SoutheastFarmPress.com (3/22)

E85 offers relief from gasoline prices for Ariz. drivers: http://www.smartbrief.com/images/briefs2/common/sourcelogos/i_video.gifKTVK-TV (Phoenix)

Florida ethanol plant could create 400 jobs: St. Petersburg Times (Fla.)

U.S. ethanol production has little effect on food prices, economist says: Chicago Tribune

USDA Secretary Vilsack to Sign MOU to Support Continued Development of Biofuels and Related Products: Biofuels Journal

Ethanol May Hold Key to Future Economy: The Independent

Report: Over 70,000 Jobs Directly Depend on Ethanol Industry

DuPont May Become a "powerhouse" in Renewables by 2015: Ethanol Producer Magazine

Ethanol lowers food costs: Ag Week

Twin Cities Drivers Using E85 with Rising Gas Prices

Environmental Security

Securing Foreign Oil: A Case for Including Military Operations in the Climate Change Impact of Fuels: Environment Magazine

BP Says Biofuels The Only Way to Significantly Reduce Carbon Emissions by 2030

EPA Report Underscores Clean Air Act’s Successful Public Health Protections : Landmark law saved 160,000 lives in 2010 alone

The Coming of Biofuels: Study Shows Reducing Gasoline Emissions Will Benefit Human Health: University of California Berkeley’s School of Public Health

The Health Benefits of Ethanol: Clean Fuels Foundation

Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction: Orion Magazine

Global Renewable Fuels Alliance Highlights Biofuel Reduction on GHGs: Domestic Fuel News

Energy Security

Energy Security: The US is More Dependent and Vulnerable than Ever: Clean Fuels Foundation

Department of Energy’s Duff warns that Asian industrial buildup threatens “our way of life” if US does not reduce oil consumption

Ethanol is good for the Economy, Environment, Energy Independence: Lincoln Journal Star (Neb.)

Marines help Afghan farmers to produce biofuel: New York Times

Governor Bolling Joins Dominion Energy In Announcing Troops to Energy Jobs Initiative

White House considers tapping oil reserves: Politico

Ethanol could play bigger role in future energy needs, observers say: Association for the Study of Peak Oil

U.S. needs expanded choices in transportation fuels: The Oregonian (Portland)

Should US draw on strategic reserves to temper rise in oil prices?: Christian Science Monitor

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash: YouTube

National  Security

Homegrown Defense: Biofuels & National Security: Amazon.com

General Clark: Foreign Oil Threatens America's National Security: Center for American Policy

The Benefits of Biofuels: Oil Dependence and National Security: Energy Future Coalition

Department of Defense Energy Security Act: "Oil is the umbilical cord and lifeline of the crusader community...Focus your operations on oil, especially in Iraq and the Gulf area, since this will cause them to die off." Al Qaeda Leader, Osama bin Laden. Source: U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ website

Navy Secretary Mabus: Mideast Unrest Shows Why Military Should Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil: Rueters

Navy Plans to Cut Fossil Fuel Usage in Half through Biofuel Initiatives: Energy Business Daily

Senate Energy Chairman: Stand Ready to Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve: United States Senate

Spain to Increase Biofuel Blending and Lower Speed Limits to Combat Higher Oil Prices: Rueters

Germany Increases Ethanol Content in Gas From 5% to 10%

Military biofuels key to rid U.S. foreign oil dependence: Examiner

U.S. Air Force Successfully Flies F-22 Raptor Using Biofuel Blend:  Edwards Air Foce Base

Middle East Civil Unrest and Oil Prices Technological Advancements: Center for Strategic and International Studies

Technological Advancements

BP Says Alternative Energy Will Outgrow Fossil Fuels by 2030: USA TODAY

Coskata, GM, and Auburn University Make Case For Cellulosic Ethanol: Green Car Congress

Best of America Tour: Driving Cross Country in a Cellulosic Ethanol Truck: The Auto Channel

Chemists Engineer Bacteria for Biofuels

Monsanto & Sapphire to Colloborate on Algae

Researchers Develop Isobutanol From Cellulose

Modified bacteria could yield more n-butanol, researchers say: MSNBC/Cosmic Log

NASCAR/Kenny Wallace & RAB Racing Partner With American Ethanol

Companies to Produce Edible Ethanol Co-Product: Domestic Fuel News

Yet Another Route to Cellulosic Ethanol: New York Times

National Institute of Food and Agriculture Funds Virginia Tech Researcher and Partners Work on Developing Rust Resistant Switchgrass

University of Tennessee Arboretum Society to Present Lecture on Switchgrass as Bioenergty Feedstock

CHOREN Makes Progress at Biomass BTL Plant in Freiberg, Germany

Amyris Partners With Paraiso Bioenergia to Add Fermentation Capacity and Sugar Cane Juice Supply

BNDES (Brazil) Offers $1 Billion in Funding For Advanced Biofuels

Argonne National Laboratory and Nalco Company Reach Licensing Agreement on Technology to Reduce Cost For Biomass Chemicals and Fuels Production

Google Ventures Joins Funding Round For CoolPlanet Biofuels

Edmunds.com: Next Generation of Auto Fuel Could Literally Be Pure Garbage

Lignol Works to Discover New Markets For Wood Waste Products

Coskata, GM, and Auburn University Make Case For Cellulosic Ethanol: Green Car Congress


CFDC to work with Foundation, Autos on FFV/Motor Vehicle Administration Project

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More MN, IA, and ND Drivers Choosing E85

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New Guide to E85, FlexFuel Blender Pumps Available

The Clean Fuels Foundation announced it has published a new document supporting current efforts to expand refueling infrastructure for high level ethanol blends.

E85 and Blender Pumps: A Resource Guide to Ethanol Refueling Infrastructure was developed in cooperation with the Nebraska Ethanol Board, the US Department of Agriculture, and the FlexFuel Vehicle Awareness Campaign. The guide was created to help fuel marketers and other interested parties learn more about options available to them to market ethanol blends.

The guide provides technical details regarding dispensers and vehicles as well as information covering such areas as financial assistance, construction, and permitting .

Copies of the Guide may be obtained by contacting the Clean Fuels Foundation at cfdcinc@aol.com, the Nebraska Ethanol Board at Billy.Defrain@nebraska.gov, or downloading a copy here.