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State Updates

The FFV Awareness Campaign

States have the most to gain in developing clean burning domestic biofuels and meeting the goals of the RFS. Among other things, the campaign will do the following:

At the State Level, the FFV Awareness Campaign will:

  • Work with governors to help reach FFV owners with a statewide “driver education” campaign by informing them as to the capability of their FFV and the benefits of using higher blends of ethanol.

  • Work with the state departments of transportation to post FFV/E85 signage on highways. This will support and compliment existing refueling investments. Utilizing existing designs would create interstate uniformity and familiarity. This has been successfully implemented in Nebraska and will pave the way for the similar projects in others states.

  • Develop innovative and low-to-no cost approaches for DMVs to use their FFV owner databases to help FFV owners locate retail stations carrying ethanol. The DMV could also reach FFV owners with vehicle registration renewal mailings, providing information at vehicle inspection stations, and piggybacking messaging in other correspondence to employees and the public.

  • Leverage the existing communication networks of state agriculture organizations, ethanol producers, and other related private sector stakeholders to educate employees, customers, and the media.

  • Coordinate with local FFV dealerships to create cooperative marketing efforts aimed at contacting existing FFV owners in E85 market areas. Create “welcome packages” that would include refueling reminder/locater hang tags and possible discount fuel coupons for new FFV buyers.

  • Coordinate with ethanol retailers to create cooperative efforts that will identify and motivate FFV owners to choose higher blends of ethanol.

  • Coordinate with local stakeholders to encourage their participation in large local events (e.g., professional sporting events, amusement parks) and create opportunities for parking lot messaging.

  • Enlist the support of high profile spokespeople and supporters from sports, entertainment, and politics to create FFV public service awareness announcements to be aired on local stations or the Ethanol Minute Radio program.













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