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Texas FFV Awareness Campaign

How will you “Celebrate” the 37th Anniversary of the 1st Oil Embargo?

Drivers in Texas Are Free to Choose: Foreign or Domestic

Washington, D.C./San Marcos, Texas, October 13, 2010 – The National FFV Awareness Campaign is proud to be working in cooperation with the Central Texas Clean Cities, Sac N Pac Stores, Inc. Growth Energy, and Protec Fuels, to bring consumers more access to higher blends of ethanol, like E85, to fuel the growing fleet of FlexFuel Vehicles (FFV) in Texas.  Sac N Pac is opening an E85 dispenser in San Marcos and Bastrop, Texas.  The National FFV Awareness Campaign is coordinated by the Clean Fuels Foundation in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency , U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Governors Biofuels Coalition, and is supported by several other national non-profit agricultural, environmental, and clean energy related organizations.

“FFVs can use any combination of gasoline and ethanol, up to 85% ethanol—that’s what makes them flexible.  Along with 2,400 locations nationally there are now 50 refueling stations providing drivers with E85 in Texas.  Today would be a great time for consumers to flex their consumer power and fuel their FFVs with some E85 -- just in time to “celebrate” the anniversary of the nation’s first oil embargo,” said Douglas A. Durante, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Foundation.

“Choice is the cornerstone of independence and the free market. October 17, 2010 marks the 37th anniversary of the nation’s 1st oil embargo.  Many shortages and price spikes later U.S. oil imports continue to rise and are expected to soon reach 70%.  After 37 years of fighting for change consumers now have a choice of FFVs available now in auto dealer showrooms and E85 at the pump.” said Burl Haigwood, the project manager for the National FFV Awareness Campaign.

Over 9 million consumers nationwide, and over 700,000 consumers in Texas, are driving FlexFuel Vehicles (FFVs)—but most FFV owners don’t know they are driving one.  “Our goal is to locate and educate FFV owners, and motivate them to buy higher blends of ethanol ranging from 15 to 85 percent. Growth Energy supported this Texas driver education effort by providing a grant to produce educational materials to help consumers verify if they are driving an FFV, learn more about and find E85, and understand why the national renewable fuel standard (RFS) is so important to their economic, environmental, and national security,” said Haigwood. When it comes to ethanol, the pros now greatly outnumber the cons.  The result of President George W. Bush’s historic quote about America being addicted to oil was his signature on an expanded and improved renewable fuel standard (RFS)

Douglas A. Durante, Executive Director, Clean Fuels Foundation said “There is an economic development opportunity the size of Texas.  Entrepreneurs and farmers can develop new biomass crops that can be turned into biofuel -- if consumers continue to show gasoline retailers they prefer domestic clean burning fuels like E85. Just like paper or plastic, consumers now have choice at the pump – foreign or domestic.”

Among the other Texas public interest groups supporting the FFV Awareness Campaign is the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA).  “I’m confident that the creative business community in Texas will recognize the exciting market opportunity the development, production, and sale of biofuels offers,” said Russel Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Renewable Energy Industries Association (TREIA). “If our state government will act in the longer-term interest of Texans and work in league with industry to encourage and facilitate this growing energy sector, we can firm up our claim as the leading energy state,” said Russel Smith, Executive Director, TREIA.

The Clean Fuel Foundation has published numerous reports to help FFV owners understand the value of choice and realize they hold the key to their energy destiny. Using E85 also helps meet the nation’s renewable fuel standard (RFS). With the support of FFV owners the goals of the RFS will be met by new technologies and energy crops (i.e., not corn) being developed in Texas.  Purchasing E85 fuel for your FFV is personal. It impacts everyone’s personal economic, environmental, and energy/national security. It helps add to America’s economic recovery, rural development, reduces harmful emissions from gasoline, creates and protects jobs, and helps reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil for gasoline.

The Environmental Protection Agency is required to report on the impacts of ethanol each year.  Recent USDA research shows ethanol production efficiency has increased dramatically and farmer productivity has increased the production of corn well beyond what is needed to satisfy the RFS, which caps the use of corn for ethanol. That means more supplies and suppliers of feed for cattle ranchers – and more fuel for Texans.  USDA, DOE and other studies  show that ethanol and biofuels were responsible for less than 10% of the grain food price spikes in 2008—althought they got nearly 100% of the blame.

The struggle for economic independence and freedom from 88% of the world’s oil sources that are located in the war torn Middle East -- are at the heart of the America’s economic and national security goals. With over 12 billion gallons of ethanol being used, the RFS, and economic incentives for gasoline refiners and marketers to sell biofuels, the development of ethanol and other biofuels are business opportunity the size of Texas. Are they being overlooked?  “Biomass could generate a significant percentage of our energy and fuel while offering rural communities a new economic market. The ethanol fuel industry created nearly 240,000 new jobs in 2007 and added $47.6 billion to the nation's gross domestic product (GDP),” reported SECO.  In just three years job creation increased to nearly 400,000 and GDP to $53.3 billion. The combination of increased GDP and higher household income generated an estimated $8.4 billion in tax revenue for the Federal government and nearly $7.5 billion of additional tax revenue for State and Local governments.  That is lowering taxes.

The desire for national and personal economic, environmental, and energy/national security will continue to contribute to increasing the demand for ethanol, cellulosic ethanol, and biofuels processed directly to bio-crude, green gasoline and green diesel – if consumers take advantage of vehicle and fuel choice now.  Use it or lose it.  The nation’s billion dollar a day oil addition and the chance to turn $693 billion worth of biomass into clean energy should be enough to cause forward thinking policy makers and businessmen in Texas to see the opportunity to cash in on this shift. Former Senator Sam Rayburn said, “A billion here and a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.”  The 20th century was marked by the nation and Texas reaching peak oil production in the 1970’s. Can Texas leave their mark on the 21st century by becoming the source of the peak of next generation biofuel research and production?

Texas FFV Awareness Campaign Pilot Project (From Left to Right): Chuck Nash, owner, Chuck Nash Auto Group, local General Motors/GMC/Buick FlexFuel Vehicle dealership, Stacy Neef, Coordinator, Central Texas Clean Cities Coalition, State Representative Patrick Rose, Susan Narvaiz, Mayor of San Marcos, and Kirk Brumley, Director of Fuel Operations, Sac N Pac Stores, Inc.


Texas FFV Awareness Campaign

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